Founded in 1997 as Eric Munson Construction, 2005 Emcon, Inc

Eric Munson


From a young age Eric knew that construction was his passion. At age 9 he began his “apprenticeship" with his father. Every day after work, Eric would haul scrap wood home in his father’s truck. Piece by piece he built a 24-foot-tall, multi-level tree fort. It was a major accomplishment that Eric was very proud of.

Several years later Eric asked his father if he could use some materials to build a "fort" in the woods on their property.  His father, wondering where all the material was going, decided to venture into the woods to see what Eric was building. To his surprise, Eric was constructing a cabin. He had the footings and posts in place, the floor constructed, and the walls were being framed. After seeing this he could have been angry, but he chose to praise the workmanship and offered to get windows, doors, and supply the rest of the materials for the project. This was the spark that solidified Eric’s love for construction. For the next five years, Eric worked alongside his father, a contractor/builder, and his crew honing his craft and mastering carpentry techniques.

In 1999, Eric Munson Construction was born, with a spec house being the first company project. From that point on, there was no looking back. For the next six years, Eric and crew worked on all types of projects, big and small.

The next step came in 2005 when Eric Munson Construction was incorporated and Emcon, Inc. was born. Since incorporation, Emcon, Inc. has grown and evolved into the company it is today, with a loyal and skilled workforce and clients that make every day rewarding.






About Us

The Emcon, Inc. logo has the cross within because we strive to keep the cross at the heart of our company, as a reminder of our faith. This faith leads and shapes Emcon, Inc’s approach to projects by creating a company commitment to honesty, integrity, and quality craftsmanship.

Our main goal at Emcon, Inc. is to build a quality product. We strive to take your vision and make it into a reality. We accomplish this by offering a variety of services to our clients, which includes (but is not limited to) new construction, remodels, additions, garages and post frame structures, concrete/rock work, framing, roofing, soffit and fascia, windows and doors, siding (All Types), gutters, decks, railings, stair systems, drywall, insulation, painting and staining, trim/finish work, cabinet installation, and furniture building. 

Our network of dedicated contractors, who work alongside Emcon. Inc., share the same commitment to a quality end-product. In an industry dominated by a mindset of cheaper and faster, Emcon Inc. stands out among the rest. With our affiliates, we have forged a company built almost exclusively by word of mouth. We make strides every day to build the highest quality product and have the best customer satisfaction achievable. We strive to not only offer the best quality building, but to build the best possible experience with our clients.